CONTENTS : Journal of Dyes & Medicinal Plants Vol.1

P1. Purple-dyeing Boraginaceae: the Mediterranean sub-plot(originally in English)
Dominique Cardon ( Corresponding author)
Directrice de Recherche au CNRS
Witold Nowik
Pôle Analytique (Analytical Department)
Laboratoire de Recherc he des Monuments Historiques(LRMH)
Christine Brunet
CRITT Horticole / Société Couleurs de Plantes
Iris Brémaud
Graduate School of Life, and Environmental Science Kyoto Prefectural University

P17-26Purple-dyeing Boraginaceae: the Mediterranean sub-plot(Japanese version)

P27. The history of the medical use of Lithospermum erythorhizon and Arnebia Euchroma(originally in Japanese)
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Health Sciences University of Hokkaido

P30-32he history of the medical use of Lithospermum erythorhizon and Arnebia Euchroma(English version)

P33.Data of Dye & Medicinal Plants No.1- “MURASAKI”(in English & Japanese)
Hisako SUMI
Head Director of NPO Earth Network

P34.Archive of 2008 Forum on Dye & Medicinal Plants,in Hokkaido 2008/8/2~14
NPO Earth Network
P35.Message from Editorial Committee of Forum on Dye & Medicinal Plants
Editor in Chief of Editorial Committee of Journal of Dye & Medicinal Plants

P36.What’s About Earth Network? or About US or Who is Earth Network?

All pages are in English & Japanese

— Starting a Journal —

This Journal is to support the progressing research, share information and communicate with people who preserve and cultivate dye and medicinal plants, creating the future.

Publisher:Hisako SUMI / Head Director of NPO EARTH NEWORK

–Message from Editorial Committee of Forum on Dye & Medicinal Plants –

Over the course of several thousand years human beings have created and developed a variety of colors from the surrounding environment– (such as) rocks,
soils, insects, animals and plants. However after the invention of synthetic colorants in the process of industrialization, human beings have lost the interests in extracting and creating colors from the gifts of natural cycle.

In 1980’s Brundtland report pointed out in its forward that many of the
development paths of the industrialized nations are clearly unsustainable.

The path taken by modern industrialized nations was unsustainable. We now live in early 21 century and we are seeking for the path for sustainable future.

We publish this Journal hoping to share this attained knowledge on the creation of colors from nature towards a (more) sustainable future.

Dr.Takahisa YOKOYAMA / Editor in Chief