Woad and Indigo vat ウォードの色素分析ー染料作り〜ウォードすくも発酵液と関係する微生物の分析

Woaded Blue: A Colorful Approach to the Dialectic between Written Historical Sources, Experimental Archaeology, Chromatographic Analyses, and Biochemical Research

Dominique Cardon, Zvi Koren, Sumi Hisakoによる共同研究論文です。




A joint research paper by Dominique Cardon, Zvi Koren, and Sumi Hisako.

Woad Cultivation – Dye Making, Wool Dyeing, Indigo Dyes and Fermented Liquid Related to Microorganisms Active pH and Liquid Temperature, Amount of Wheat bran Added, Sustainability of Indigo Dyes, and Historical Documents on Woad and collaborative research papers with experimental archaeology, chromatographic analysis and biochemical studies were published.

You can download it by entering the Heritage publisher site from the link above.