Japanese indigo (polygonum tinctorium) seeds are available

Polygonum seed distribution season has come. An instruction is included.
We have two different types. One has pink flower and the other one has white one.
Price of 10g packet = 500yen plus postage
We will have indigo dye workshops again this year, starting in July. You can learn whole process from harvesting to dyeing. They are held in Hayama (Kanagawa), Tsuyazaki (Fukuoka) and Otaru (Hokkaido).

1. Composting method
2. Japanese kata-zome technique
3. Harvest, preparation of fresh leaves, oxidizing to make pigment
4. Japanese paper dyeing
5. Yarn dyeing and Kasuri technique

Please contact us for the detail by e-mail

pink flower- germination


white flower- summer